A television-free childhood with a father who detested “the box” meant we grew up in a world of books where for Christmases and birthdays the homemade was infinitely preferred to the shop-bought card and present.

The images of Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff’s Barbar stories, Ernest Shepard’s drawings for A A Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh, Edward Ardizzone’s Tim and Ginger tales, Hergé’s Tintin (which we read again and again), all these and many other wonderful books profoundly influenced my artistic endeavours from the earliest age.

A return to children’s books with the arrival of my own offspring introduced me to the larking humour of Quentin Blake’s crazy illustrations and Emma Chichester Clark’s unique vibrant style whilst enabling me to revisit Tomi Ungerer, with old favourites such as Moon Man and The Three Robbers. There are more than I could possibly mention but illustrators such as these have been a constant source of ideas and inspiration.

The Christmas Factory of my childhood never really closed and so it is that every year I come up with new Christmas card designs and, when time allows, individual one-offs for birthdays and other occasions. The internet and invention of the scanner/printer have enabled me to take the whole process a step further, producing bespoke invitations and cards. So here we are: I hope you enjoy my work!